An event in its whole is a collaboration between creativity, design and implementation that brings out a vision to life. We encapsulate this collaboration through colours, textures, elements both floral and non-floral, lighting, stationary and provide a holistic approach to the whole design process that goes beyond the tabletop. Inspiration is drawn not only from the world of events but outside of it as well, which ultimately creates a unique concept to implement, transforming a blank space into a timeless vision.

The Process

From making a color story, to sketchers, to renderings, to creating custom installations, we will ensure a harmonious flow that enhances and help narrate a cohesive story throughout every event we create for our clients.

Included with stationery design, signage, flowers, decor, lighting, and speciality rentals, Event Design and Production service is geared towards a client wanting a creative design to bring about an authentic, stylish experience.

Earthy and Rustic

Setting the mood...

Plan in motion

Framework to set the plan in motion...

Logistical Medley

A sketch to give you a glimpse...

Modern Desert Muse -- Arrangement

A Logistical Medley Created...

Cherish the moments for years to come!

Moder Desert Muse -- Styled Shoot