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Event Design

An event in its whole is collaboration between creativity, design and implementation that brings out a vision to life. We encapsulate this collaboration through colours, textures, elements both floral and non-floral, lighting, stationary and provide a holistic approach to the whole design process that goes beyond the tabletop. Inspiration is drawn not only from the world of events but outside of it as well, which ultimately creates a unique concept to implement, transforming a blank space into a timeless vision.

We offer event design services for weddings, corporate functions such as meetings, conferences, galas, product launches, company holiday parties and for private celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, bat mitzvahs, bridal showers etc...

Wedding Collections

Our event design services work harmoniously with our planning strategies and are able to provide a custom collection that includes both planning and design services for your event.

Event design services include but are not limited to:

We recommend and encourage you to contact us to schedule a consultation to receive a custom event design proposal for your event.

The Event Design Process

Getting to Know You

Inspiration is the beginning of any design process, and the start of that inspiration is you and your vision for your event/special occasion. Getting to know you, your likes, dislikes, your style and how you want to entertain your guests, begins the whole creative process and is the key to a successful partnership between you and us.

A Collection for You

After our initial discussion, we will create a custom design collection outlining our design services and fees. The collection will be created based on your vision and budget for your event.

Creating a Framework

This consists of a detailed budget, priorities, specific needs and timelines that will set the stage for a smooth progression to event day. This framework will also help make strategic decisions and allows setting parameters as we progress through the design and styling process.


Based on the framework, we will create a custom storyboard for you and will present it to you with a proposal at our second meeting. This will have colour palettes, floral selections, furnishings, vases, linen, etc... that will make you visualize your event.


Once we come to an agreement and everything is approved by you, we start sourcing and designing for your event, to ensure a flawless outcome.

Party Time

It has arrived! Relax and revel as you see your vision brought to life.

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