Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received from our past clients. If you do not see an answer to a question you have, please contact us as we would be delighted to answer to all.

  1. What is the diffrence between event planning and event designing?
  2. Allthough these two corelate with each other, planning and designing have very distinctive diffreneces. Planning for an event includes taking care of all the logistics such as venue coordination, contract management, vendor search and coordination, budget management, event logistics management etc... Event design encapsulates the aesthetics of an event such as colour palette selections, floral & stationary designs, lighting design, space and floorplan design to name a few.

  3. Can I hire you for only planning or design?
  4. Yes you most certainly can hire us for either service.

  5. Do you offer Day of Event Coordination?
  6. We offer month of event coordination. Through experience we know that we should at least know your plans, introduce ourselves to the vendors, prepare a timeline and take charge to ensure that your day goes smoothly without a glitch. We simply dont just show up on the day.

  7. Do you plan destination weddings?
  8. Yes of course. We call destination weddings Getaway weddings and we are ready to plan and coordinate everything for your destination nuptials. From scouting out the perfect venue to hiring local vendors, we are committed to providing a truly authentic destination esperience.

  9. Do I have to choose from the collections you have?
  10. Not at all. We believe every client has different needs. The collections we have are ideas for you to start with. We believe in providing a personalized approach and know that no two events are ever the same. Please contact us for a customized collec- tion.

  11. My venue already has a preffered florist. Can I still hire you as my planner?
  12. Yes absolutely! We love working with other creative professionals and always ready to partner with them for your event.

  13. If I rent vases from you, what happens to the flowers after the event?
  14. The flowers are yours to keep. You are welcome to take the flowers with our without the floral foam and enjoy it in your home or give it to your guests at the end of the event. We request that you return the containers to us. If you wish to not take the flowers we can donate them to a senior care facility or a church who would love to have pretty flowers.

  15. Do you only portrait and style self-portrait and fasion model editorials?
  16. Nope. You can pose alone, pose with your beloved (e.g. styled engagement photos) or with family. For example an editorial family photograph for a holiday card.

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