Just over a year ago, May 2015 to be exact, I managed to set up a website, launched my business, partnered with some amazing creative professionals, made new clients and new friends along the way and knew it was time to give a face lift to a very basic website. The past months have been inspiring, tiring and have been burning the midnight oil to design and launch it on the day I wanted it to be published. But I had someone by my side to make sure it happens on the day. Some of you may have already guessed it…yep my ‘techy’ hubby. None of this would have been possible without him…. But before I get to the formalities, let me tell you how the journey began….

I have always wanted to have my own business since I was a little girl. Whether it was selling school badges to the very same school mates who lost it in the first place (we have a badge that is pinned to the school tie and very often the girls {went to an all girl private school} used to loose it during recess – I would collect them {finders keepers} and when they came to me would ‘sell it’ at a very nominal fee compared to a new one sold by the school office) or asking for an errand fee from a teacher who wanted me to buy some food at the canteen and bring it to them. Every now and then my friends would call me teachers’ pet for this. Though they would all ‘only’ pay me in kind. Well that was then…Yikes!! Fast forward to my working years at a global ad agency, moved on to the hospitality industry and then moved back into the same ad agency, joined my husband, moved from the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’ to the land of stars and stripes and then became a mom. Wow that was a lot!!! But that didn’t stop me.

The event planning bug was always in me, whether it was creating a float for a school event, active participation at various social events or as an employee trotting from place to place creating events, I always knew I had a knack for it. Thus, launching Paradise Parkway Design Atelier has been an empowering and exciting experience for me and my family.

Last year was all about recognizing and understanding the environment of the event industry and its trends and adjusting as we went along. Continuous learning and keeping up with the trends was and is important to achieve the goals you set for a business,  and that is exactly what I did. Got certified in floral design (and continuing), plus continuous learning of the event industry and design is what I currently do and will continue to do throughout this journey. I knew with all the work we did and from the things we learned along the way, it was time for a new look and a fresh approach. From countless design hours to pestering my hubby to code, whilst juggling a five year old kindergartner………..

www.paradiseparkway.com is re-launched.

Click around and see what’s new and await for more….

We look forward to working with you