In today’s blog post I’m so excited and honored to share the details about Cecilia and Christopher’s nuptials, their 14 year journey to the altar as a navy couple and the Mexican American feast which was their wedding day.

Cecilia, a navy veteran based in North Dakota, came to me for help half way through planning her wedding together with her Sister Araceli, said she needed help to tighten the loose ends and coordinate the details of her wedding which was to take place in Santa Rosa Ca – her hometown.


I was pretty excited and honored, not only was that I was planning a wedding for a military couple but excited it was a multicultural wedding although I did not speak a word of spanish.

Cecilia and Chris met 14 years ago when they were just out of their teens and quickly started a family where Christopher Jr. joined in. This navy mom and dad, being deployed overseas did not have the time to plan a wedding and was contemplating on actually walking down the aisle. During this time, they were also planning on expanding their little family and with gentle family nudges to marry in church,  Cece (as she is known) decided on having her dream hometown nuptials.


During this journey, I had the pleasure of getting to know Cece’s family, the culture, almost similar to mine and the wonderful vendors who pulled together to plan this beautiful wedding.


Everything was smooth sailing for a while when all of a sudden about a month to go, Cecilia calls and breaks the news saying that the original count of 150 guests stands no more and her family has increased the guest count to $350 by inviting extra. So, pulled up my sleeves and started making adjustments for a big fiesta. From changes to the menu to adding a kids buffet to having extra flowers to increasing the time for vendors, and I having three assistant, two of whom were bilingual, it was truly a magical day.


Through all this there was one calm soul I went to, to keep them updated and to go over a few back-up plans  – Christopher. Always with a smile, this navy gentleman undoubtedly was stellar and stood by his overwhelmed bride and was steady and ever ready to perform his ‘groomly’ duties.

An epic mariachi band was chosen for the catholic church ceremony, a 16 piece Banda together with Dj Stallion was chosen to entertain at the reception and the whole day was captured by Laurence Bartone of Bartone Photography. 

The bride was so thoughtful in that she wanted her little guests to have a great time as well. A bouncy house and rolling video game truck entertained them through the night.

From states apart, to her hometown to making so many last minute changes, Cecilia and Christopher finally made their 14 year journey to altar – a match made in heaven.

Happy News;

I am happy to announce the Bride called me recently to share wonderful news – Cece and Chris are expecting their 2nd child whom they were trying for, for many years.

Cecilia and Chris I wish you all the very best and many many years of joy and happiness together.

I salute you both and thank you for letting me be a part of your day and truly thank you for your service.

Beautiful highlights from their day captured by Laurence Bartone Photography






16 piece Banda Sangre Azteca




Church – St. Vincent De Paul Church Petaluma CA

Wedding coordinator – Paradise Parkway Design Atelier 

Photos  – Laurence Bartone Photography 

Dj – Dj Stallion Entertainment 

Flowers – Floreria Selena Santa Rosa Ca

Venue – Friedman Events Center

Caterer – Brass Spatula 

Video game Truck – Rolling Video Games