Thanksgiving is exactly a week away. People are hustling and bustling to get their homes in order for the special family holiday. Family from all over the country and the world are preparing to return to their roots or maybe getting ready to create new thanksgiving traditions in their own homes. And with all that is going on, we know that those who want to celebrate in style are constantly looking for inspiration on how to decorate their homes and especially their thanksgiving table.

Not to worry we are here to help. We have some stylish ideas that you can definitely use for your tables this Thanksgiving day.

1. Easy DIY white Pumpkin Table

The timeless white color was the absolute inspiration for this table coupled together with the budget friendly DIY method. As it is fall, we naturally brought in the Amber/ gold colors into play for this table.

The materials for the centerpiece

  • 3 foam/plastic pumpkins (we found these at Michaels and they are on sale!!)
  • Rust-oleum Chalk Paint ultra matte paint linen white which we had on hand (you can buy this from Lowes)
  • Deco art Creme wax Americana Decor – (Lowes)
  • One large paint Brush for the chalk paint and smaller brush for the wax
  • Silk flowers and greens
  • Apples of the harvest to
  • Brass candlesticks and ivory taper candles
  • Decorative white turkey (bought it at Homegoods)
  • White table cloth, but with details opting over a stark white bland tablecloth
  • Stemware which is both amber and clear glass
  • Rose-gold flatware
  • White cake stand
  • Antique gold spray paint (to spray on the green silk foliage which you can buy from any craft store)

All we did is, painted the pumpkins white (with the chalk paint first, let it dry and paint another coat before painting on the creme wax) and pinned on large silk flowers on each of the pumpkins. And then styled it with the decorative silk greens, the turkey and candle holders- plus added the dinner setting.

Wondering how you can easily find affordable silk flowers???? Scour the thrift stores – we found it at goodwill. To give the look of fall we sprayed the green foliage with antique gold spray paint.

White thanksgiving table scape

Photos – Chris Gill

2. Luxurious indulgence

Thanksgiving came about in 1621 that commemorates the harvest of the pilgrims. This time of the year, with an abundance of the harvest, we naturally had to have the harvest at the table. Grapes (faux) for sure took center stage along with grape wood. We made it look to be a garland of grapes and grape wood and of course the opulent Victorian candleholders accented it all. This table-scape is made for those looking to have a luxurious setting for their table. The rule is  – the bigger the centerpiece/ showpiece, the smaller the dinner setting has to be. Why you may ask….- you need space to eat and enjoy good conversation without having to move stuff around right?

Its no secret we were clearly playing with an abundance of color and we made sure the seating had a role to play too. Two French inspired white stately chairs for the two ends coupled with the black Napoleon chairs completed this table-scape giving a luxurious indulgence to Thanksgiving.

Photos – Chris Gill

3. The stylish modern ‘Zen’ table

Not everyone likes to have an explosion of color to dine with and for some, dining is a ‘Zen’ experience. We mixed together the so called ultra modern color mix of white and black with a touch of yellow to give that fall oomph to the table, together with wheat grass and of course had to have a pear for each dinner setting. Oh and for this we used fabric pumpkins in black and white.

Did you notice the buddhas??? Yessssss… we had to. Zen indulgence it is!!!

Photos – Chris Gill

4. The blue’s on your table

The color blue always gives a pop for any table. And for those who love a bit of color we encourage you to use it your way to showcase your style. The below will give you some ideas that we sourced. Big take away is don’t be afraid to mix in color. Just because its fall that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the colors of fall.

Photos via Homegoods and Celebrations at home

5. The country style Thanksgiving

Checkered and plaid prints mixed in with the pumpkins and the harvest definitely gives the country style vibe to your table. If you love the checkered print, especially the black and white…. go for it.

Photo sources via – Boho chic cafe and My Creative Happy 

6. Family style table-scape

You can still have a stylish table-scape using the delicious food you prepared as the focal point or in other words – your centerpiece. The ‘big bird’ or any other main dish can be the center of attention with the rest of the side dishes. Put the bird on a big platter over some lettuce and some tomatoes/ lemons or berries as garnish and keep the sides on elevated platters or stands and different sized bowls. Mix in with some candles and some mini pumpkins and voila – you’ve got a beautiful thanksgiving table-scape. Don’t forget to ‘set’ the table. If you have a 3 course meal, set each dinner setting appropriately together with a mix of stemware or glassware to complete the beautiful Family style table-scape.

Photo source – Crate & Barrel and Brit + Co


– Choose your setting (Buffet, sit down or family style)

– Choose/select your colors (don’t be afraid to mix colors that resonate with your personality or your family’s vibe)

– Select what centerpiece you like to have

– Choose the linen that speaks to you. If you’re using a farm table use its character to create your centerpiece. You may just only need a runner with napkins.

– Use things around the house

– Candles and different platters give great dimension to a table

– Pumpkins are a go to for thanksgiving

– Use the flowers and foliage from your backyard or trees if you have to – Snip some and use it for your centerpiece

– Mix and match to perfection

– Have a place setting or favor or a personal note of thanks on each dinner setting

– Drinkware doesn’t always have to be glass – use copper and mixed metal drink ware

Use our tips to make your table for Thanksgiving and don’t forget to share with us your thanksgiving tables-capes to be featured in a post.

We love to see our readers style. Send us an email with your photos and we will share in our blog


Wishing all our readers and your families a happy and blessed Thanksgiving 2018

Till next time