About Us

For us, producing an event is creating a narrative that let the surroundings tell a story, from entry to exit. We constantly push our boundaries through meticulous planning and attention to detail and cherish in providing a bespoke experience that reflect the vision of our clients. Paradise Parkway is a full service event production company proudly catering to a diverse clientele, providing wedding and event planning services, floral designs, custom balloon displays and special installations that amplifies and create environments that truly stands the test of time. Immerse yourself in our world and discover the many possibilities we have to create the perfect celebration…just for you!!!

We love a client...

That want’s a unique narrative through their celebration
Loves good design, details and style
Open to ideas
Loves to party and create a memorable guest experience
Wants a professional team that can take care of the production
so that they can just relax and revel!

Fun facts about me!

  • I am always ready to throw a good party!
  • I got engaged to my hubby just 3 days after literally meeting him for the first time -ha! I’m not kidding. You will just have to meet me to get to know the rest of the story!
  • I am a mommy to a cheeky dino junkie
  • Fashion, travel, nature and the movies constantly inspire me
  • I crave for spicy food and believe in spicing things up all the time!!!
  • I only started driving at the age of 29. That’s coz I had to!
  • I come from the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka that is literally called Paradise by many
  • A romantic at heart and a sentimental gal with a fierce love for design, color and details.
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* Paradise Parkway is committed to maintain and adhere to COVID guidelines set by the respective counties, cities and states when producing any event.